Promotional Products Work! They are a low cost but effective part of a marketing strategy

Bottom line: Promotional Products work. Whether it is a pizza cutter, fridge magnet, or a glow in the dark light switch cover strategically placed, promotional products keep your name and phone number in front of the client right in their own home or business.

Promotional products are a low cost but effective part of a marketing strategy to brand the home. When you install or repair equipment you should always leave a label on the equipment with your contact information—that is a given. However, branding the home can go much further than that. You can replace emergency shut off valves with glow in the dark light switch covers that include your company name and phone number, or use branded equipment and valve tags to help your customers find the turn off valves and special buttons associated with their plumbing, heating, cooling, or electric.

Moving up from the basement or down from the attic, promotional products are useful for keeping your name in front of the client in their day-to-day life, and also go a long way in creating brand loyalty. T-shirts, coffee mugs, good quality magnets, reusable grocery bags, and tools like pizza cutters are great options that most customers appreciate. The key to using promotional products is to make sure the product isn’t flimsy or cheaply made—otherwise your customer may see it as a throw-away instead of a free gift. No one wants to keep a magnet around that can’t actually hold up a piece of paper, and you want to make sure your company name is associated with something of quality that actually works.

Promotional Product Benefits

If you’ve ever considered using a promotional product or gift as part of your current marketing plan, you’d be surprised at the advantages. Believe it or not, these minor investments may have a better return for your investment than a billboard or bus bench advertisement.

For starters, a promotional product is far less expensive than a billboard advertisement, so you’re already saving money. Billboards and static advertisements are also only in one place, and you have zero control over who sees the ad. Promotional products are a more targeted approach.

According to the Promotional Products Association, 73% of consumers use a promotional product at least once per week, while 43% use said product once per day. Promotional Products create top of mind awareness—even if on a subconscious level—for a very low price.

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Emily Morosi