Contractor 20/20 is the Doctor for Your Business’s Ailments

What if you were sick and you went to the hospital and the doctor simply assumed that you have the same illness as his last patient? You might end up with an antibiotic when what you need is an appendectomy or open heart surgery when you really just need cough syrup. Certainly, you wouldn’t go to that doctor. You want a doctor who is going to listen. You describe the problem; the doctor begins a skilled assessment. Then you want him to run some tests, a biopsy, a swab, bloodwork—whatever is needed—to find out what the real problem is.

At Contractor 20/20, we always listen, and our extensive research is our equivalent of biopsies and bloodwork. We don’t think you can find the right solution to a problem until you thoroughly understand the problem, and we don’t like to spend our clients’ money guessing. Our marketing campaigns have a diagnostic foundation. When you come to us with a problem like poor customer retention or disappointing net profits, we first take the time to figure out the root of the issue. Only then can the most effective, cost-efficient solution be determined and implemented.

We know that while your business may be similar to the other businesses we’ve worked with, it isn’t exactly the same. That’s why we utilize a variety of research tools including prior and potential customer surveys, media surveys, customer acquisition cost studies and psychographic personality analysis. This marketing research  allows us a better understanding of your customer base, your market, your business’s problems, and available, feasible options for solutions.

For example, if you come to us because your business has a problem with customer retention, we won’t just prescribe a cookie cutter solution to improve customer retention. The marketing experts at Contractor 20/20 work to determine why you have a customer retention issue. Is it because your employees are not providing good customer service? Is it because your customer base is very coupon-oriented and your competitor is offering coupons that you’re not? Is your business contact information simply difficult to find? Are you not keeping in contact with your customers and they are forgetting about your brand? Through listening and researching, we determine the exact cause of a problem, so that we can implement the best solution, just as the doctor listens and runs tests so that he can provide you with the most beneficial treatment.

By diagnosing the root of an issue, we’re almost always able to implement an effective solution the first time. Because of our diagnostic approach, our clients are able to save money by avoiding marketing efforts that will be fruitless for them. At Contractor 20/20, we don’t make speedy assumptions; we deal with the facts, the numbers, and the individualized research, so that we can achieve the best results possible for our clients in the shortest amount of time.

The most rewarding aspect of our job is seeing positive results for our clients. Let the marketing experts at Contractor 20/20 examine your business’s ailment and set you up with the best remedy today!

Emily Morosi