Boost Profits, Build Customer Retention, and Drive Sales This Season with Our Thanksgiving Day Direct Mail Postcards for Plumbing and HVAC Companies

At Contractor 20/20 we take a different approach to marketing and customer retention for plumbers and HVAC companies, a fact that we’re quite proud off. We believe in combining the science of marketing with the human factor to create a marketing strategy that is balanced, unique, and most importantly successful.

Where there is success, there’s always room for giving thanks! Although Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we’re thankful for customers just like you year round. We’re proud and grateful to serve over 200 contractors in 40 states! This season, we’re especially thankful to offer you an effective marketing strategy that is proven to help your business grow.

Giving thanks to your customers with our direct mail for plumbers and HVAC companies has never been so easy or so profitable! Just ask Richard Dixon, president and CEO of Gold Seal Mechanical Inc., who saw nearly $500,000 in sales thanks to our Christmas and Thanksgiving mailers. “You can see that overall you have brought in nearly 1/2 million in sales…but when you look closely at the Christmas/Thanksgiving issue, both have done well,” Dixon wrote in an email to our president and CEO, Michael Morosi.

Heather Appleton of Appleton Campbell is another satisfied customer currently enrolled in our affordable holiday card program. Appleton Campbell invested $7,908 to send Thanksgiving mailers to all their customers which resulted in an impressive $54,281 in sales.

Scott Wickstrom of Wickstrom Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning provided a similar testimonial. “I’ve been having Mike Morosi at Contractor 20/20 send thank you cards to my customers. My customers seem to like them. My investment has been $489.00 & this has brought in $25,625.00 worth of work,” Wickstrom wrote in an email.

Marketing to an existing customer base with our Thanksgiving Day postcard designed specifically for plumbing and HVAC companies can yield a significant ROI. Giving a little thanks with a small act of customer appreciation means big business! Call or email us today for information and a free sample of one of our Thanksgiving Day postcards. You’ll be thankful you did!

Emily Morosi