Using Facebook to Your Advantage…Without Paying the Price Tag to Advertise

A lot of sources will give mixed reviews on the Facebook dilemma. Does it help your HVAC business grow? Should contractors even be looking towards social media? Based on our experience, we have found that you can use Facebook to your advantage, and turn it into a revenue generating tool that doesn’t cost you a dime.

How to Outreach: Get in Your Community

If there’s one key fact we’ve found within our marketing industry experience, it is that community outreach and involvement is worth thousands. For every minute you’re out at a community fair, making connections at a local networking event, or even posting on Facebook, you are increasing the effectiveness of your overall advertising. This is due to the fact that outreach is unmatched. Nothing else in the marketing world suffices like reaching your customer base in a social setting. Sure, jingles get your customers to remember your business, but your genuine involvement in the community gets them to remember YOU.

In fact, several other sources within our industry are saying the same thing: the approach of reaching your customer through a personal touch is the way to go. Your average homeowner doesn’t only want to read Facebook posts about the latest and greatest HVAC system that has hit the market. She also wants to know you appreciate her business, that you will keep providing her with quality service, and even know that her needs are different from everyone else’s because of her family size and structure. Men and women in your community don’t want salesmen, they really want a friend. They want to connect with you, and see your personal side in addition to your professional side.

How To Do This Without A Budget

Like we mentioned above, you shouldn’t only focus on putting your blogs out there to be the ultimate voice in the industry. Sure, that’s a legitimate concern. Additionally however, we simply suggest you be a real person on your Facebook page. Introduce yourself as the man or woman behind your business and not just as a faceless logo.

Reaching out to your customers, writing on their Facebook walls, getting your peers in the community to link back to your page, all of these are organic ways to reach your customers without having to shell out a ton of cash to do so.

In short, being genuine can take you a long way in your industry. Contractor 20/20 can help you do that. Call us at (607) 770-8933 to use your Facebook page in a personal, professional way.

Emily Morosi