Using Social Media To Your Advantage

Often, we find that contractors are skeptical about the importance of social media. It is a consistently heard point-of-view that this area of marketing is not relevant for plumbers, electricians, and HVAC contractors, but that is far from true.

Social Media Platforms

As an example, let’s cover two major social media platforms that you should get accustomed with: Facebook and Twitter. These two sites act dynamically. People are constantly adding new content to the social network, meaning the sites are always changing and updating.

With Twitter, tweets are constantly being posted. On the average day, your business could have customers tweeting about you using tags to signal you’ve provided excellent service in their city. With Twitter, it’s possible someone could be giving you rave reviews without you even knowing.

Just as dynamically, Facebook is the go-to place to ask your friends for advice and recommendations. Every day potential customers are going to Facebook to ask for local plumbers and contractors. This is how your business could be found: this is the new “word of mouth” form of advertising.

Getting Your Business on Social Media

Instead of just letting Twitter and Facebook do their own marketing for your business, in the forms of tweets and posts, you can take charge of your social media presence. You can ensure that what’s being said on social media is directed by you.

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Emily Morosi