What is UTM code and why should I be using them?

A UTM code (writing in red below) is code that is added to the end of your URL (your website or landing page address) that allows advertisers to track specifically what traffic comes from a campaign. 

ROI Tracking


UTM codes give credit where credit is due. If you have multiple campaigns or leads coming from campaigns on several different sources (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Internet radio) a UTM code is going to let you track the traffic generated by each campaign. UTM codes also track visitor behavior and let you know how long a person spent on the site and what they viewed. UTM codes are also particularly helpful in testing creative (art work, slogans, branding) and special offers. For example, if you made two posts on Facebook, each with their own special offer ($25 off or $38 off), normal analytics would let you know how much traffic came from Facebook. However, if you gave each offer its own UTM code, you could also determine which offer brought in more business. 



Do you see how UTM codes can be specifically helpful in fine tuning your campaigns, special offers, and branding? 

If you are a data deep diver, you will love UTM codes—just like us. UTM codes help us determine which campaign and creatives are working, and where to invest your marketing dollars.

Emily Morosi