Yellow Page Ads – A Bygone Strategy?

Yellow Pages Search

For the longest time, the Yellow Pages were the go-to spot for advertising a small, locally-owned business or service. If a homeowner needed a professional plumber, a pizza shop, or an automotive technician, they would whip open the giant yellow book. Most of us had one in the home – sitting just under the telephone. Today, the internet has replaced the need for the Yellow Pages. Or has it? A few years ago, sure, the Yellow Pages would be considered dead. As it turns out, they’re making a return.

Budget and ROI

Compared to running an advertising campaign on various social media networks, running a full-page ad in the Yellow Pages is surprisingly inexpensive. For instance, a full-page ad in Yellow Pages may cost just a few thousand dollars for an extended campaign.

The results of such an ad are outstanding, too. Many businesses who utilized the Yellow Pages saw their customer base grow. You could easily run a print ad campaign in the Yellow Pages and direct prospective customers to various online portals, including an official website, Facebook, or Yelp.

Why it Works

If you’ve seen a Yellow Pages recently, then you know it’s smaller than ever before. That typical thickness we all remember is a thing of the past. Too many businesses are opting for online-only marketing strategies. A one-page advertisement in a 20-page book against a one-page ad in a 500-page book is worth more.

Furthermore, some people prefer the old methods. They want to find a small and local business to interact with manually. There are very few places to accomplish this task off the internet.

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Emily Morosi