Marketing Advice for Plumbers – Improve Your Sales Skills and Grow Your Business

If you have ever dreamt of owning and operating your own plumbing business, 2018 could be your year. There truly has never been a better time to improve your skills and grow your business. Today there’s a healthy breadth of marketing information available. You’ll likely want to hire a firm for this, though. That’s the best piece of advice you’ll find online.

Why Use Digital Marketing?

Plumbing is a competitive market. Your customers are typically limited to locals, so you need to focus on the area and on acquiring more leads. Traditionally, plumbers would place advertisements in newspapers, distribute flyers, or perhaps run a television commercial for a week or two. These methods still work, but for specific situations and customers.

Today’s generation spends more time looking at their mobile devices and the internet. It makes sense to also turn your focus online, to social media and search engines. A high ranking on Google or Bing ensures your company is a top search result, and will generate more sales from the community.

Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, after asking friends and family, people prefer searching online for products or services that interest them. Referrals still bring in clientele, but not at the same rate in certain areas with transient populations. As a plumber, you’ll want to be forward-thinking and ahead of the game in your area.

  • Get a Website – First and foremost, your business needs a functional website to attract new customers. A website helps build online visibility and also increases trust amongst community members.
  • Local Directories – As a local business, your potential clients will find you through local business listings. Directories such as Yellow Pages list your business for the right audience.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization works by exploring and implementing keywords relevant to your website’s content. Known as on-page optimization, this type of SEO includes page titles, meta descriptions, image alt-tags, and above all – knowledgeable, high-quality content.

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