Search Engine Optimization: The Basics

Search engine optimization is both an art and science. When it comes to publishing and marketing information online, the goal is to rank well on Google, Yahoo! Search, and Microsoft Bing. By default, most search engines show just ten results per page. Most users will only click on the top three, perhaps four on a good day. If you rank near the top of the page, you’ll notice immediate results. If you’re on the second, or worse, the third page, then you’ll see just 1% of the search engine traffic for a given keyword.

Powerful Aspects of SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are unique and compelling aspects to consider. Such points include:

  • Users will type what they’re looking for into search boxes, which then gather all results from across the world, or locally. Search engines are currently the most precise targeted marketing solution in the world.
  • Once you’ve acquired traction in the search results for your keywords, the costs of gaining exposure are considered negligible against the potential rewards. Individuals and small businesses can finally compete with large corporations through search engine optimization.

Market Research

The first step to successfully ranking in the search engines is to perform market research. For example, as an electrician, you’ll want to target homeowners. Discover exactly what types of keywords said homeowners typically seek through Google. For example, they may search “local electricians,” “affordable electricians,” or “electricians near me.” These keywords, when used correctly by your business, will help you rank within the top few results.

Your site will rank better if the following are considered:

  • Site Age
  • Google PageRank
  • Inbound link count
  • Major directories
  • Blog links

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Emily Morosi