Trending SEO Methods for Improving Visibility in Top Plumbing Directories

Running a plumbing business is no simple task. As the business owner, you have plenty of competition to contend with. For example, nationwide plumbing chains are bringing in new locations in almost every major city. This, unfortunately, makes life a little more difficult for locally-owned businesses. The way to the top? Trending SEO methods that help boost your company’s visibility.

Local SEO

Ranking high in search engines means focusing strongly on SEO to improve your website. For a plumbing company or individual contractor, SEO is crucial as it leads to business growth and revenue-building opportunities. Plumbing companies operate in particular locations — typically a small town or a city. That reason alone is why local SEO is so important to a plumber.

In layman’s terms, local SEO for plumbing companies promotes the company itself online to help target customers in a specific area. The primary purpose is to attract customers. If Google recognizes your SEO efforts, they will rank your web pages higher on their search engine. When a local resident searches for an “experienced plumbing company in my area,” your business will appear near the top.

On-Page Strategies

SEO requires an efficient website. Plumbing websites vary in size but typically include a unique home page, about us, contact us, services, and perhaps even a coupons page to provide locals with specials. Some companies choose to focus on a blog, which is a smart move. Your company’s blog is where long-tail keywords can be targeted more efficiently. These keywords are what Google examines.

SEO for plumbing companies involves two key strategies: Optimization for conversions and optimization for search.

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Emily Morosi