Why Videos Are an Important Marketing Tool for Your Company

When contractors utilize videos for marketing purposes, there are few things they can do to ensure that sales take off. The Contractor 20/20 team put together some thoughts on video marketing to put your company in the best possible position to enhance sales through video usage.

Isn’t SEO All That Matters?

When your site ranks for competitive keywords, it can be really exciting. But sometimes we can get so focused on ranking well with SEO and keywords that we forget there are other valid and important ways of bringing in business. We wanted to take a few minutes to highlight another important marketing avenue.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Another way to bring is business is using videos and video reviews to enhance your website and bring in new clients. When a potential client comes to your website, they’re looking for:

  •  Specific information
  • Assurance that you can take care of their needs
  • A reason to use your company

Too much text and generic graphics can be easy to scan over in the few seconds it takes a new webpage visitor to look over your content. The additions of videos to your website and your social media accounts can cause a potential client to stop in their tracks.

What Kinds of Videos Should I Use?

One of the best types of videos you can add to your website and YouTube channel is a Client Review video. You can incorporate your company name and the city you operate in within the title of your video so it draws in web traffic. Not only that, this provides a more enhanced platform to feature those great client reviews that might get lost on a Facebook page or on a side widget on your website.

Give Us a Call to Learn More

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have more questions or want to know how to add videos to your marketing scheme, give us a call. Let Contractor 20/20 help today by calling (607) 770-8933. We look forward to working with you.