Natural Content Is Best for Plumbing & HVAC Internet Marketing

We hear on a regular basis that heavily-processed, unnatural foods are unhealthy for our bodies. For your plumbing or HVAC website, blog, and other online properties, over-optimized, keyword-stuffed content is the equivalent of those unnatural foods. This uninformative content that focuses on keywords over usefulness, will bog down your pages just like excessive junk food will bog down your body.

Over the years, Google has found ways to rank websites with informative, useful content higher, while at the same time de-emphasizing the authority of websites whose content is lackluster, keyword-focused dribble. The times have changed, and to achieve a higher ranking within search results, your webpage must have natural content written for the consumer rather than for the search engine bots.

How is natural content better?
In earlier days of SEO, content writers strived to work as many specific keywords into the text as possible to appease the search engines, oftentimes at the expense of clear, readable, helpful content.
For example, a website focused on plumber marketing might contain this sentence:

“Do you need a plumber in New York City for plumbing repairs, plumbing installations, or plumbing maintenance? We offer many plumbing services in New York City!”

In the past, this keyword-heavy type of content may have performed well, but with the changes that Google has implemented in the past few years, its ranking will suffer. While we still want keywords in our text, they can be toned down for a more natural flow.

“Do you need a plumber in New York City? Read about the many plumbing services we offer below.”

The content’s focus should be making pertinent information easily accessible to searchers, not fortifying the text with keywords that end up being useless fluff.

Researching Keywords for Natural Content
While most keywords and key phrases will come up organically as a writer presents information on a topic, it is a good idea to do a bit of research to ensure that other related phrases that a consumer might search for are included as well. By creating a list of variations of keywords and phrases, these words can then be smoothly and naturally worked into the text. Because not every searcher will type in the same term when looking for something on the web, it is important to include some synonyms for the topic being discussed.

For example, our plumbing marketing experts know that not every person searching for a plumbing company will type “plumbing company” into the search engine. Synonyms we might want to use in the content include:

Local plumber
Certified Plumber
Plumbing Contractors
Master Plumber
Plumbing Service
Plumber Company
Plumber Repair Service

Including all of these keywords and phrases isn’t necessary, but using a variety of possible search terms as you progress through the content will help to increase the success of a plumbing internet marketing campaign. 

Is it time to revamp your online content?
If your web content was developed using old theories about how to achieve high placement in search results, or if your internet marketing campaigns just aren’t driving home the results you’re after, it’s time to have Contractor 20/20’s experts evaluate and makeover your content. Our content writers have the expertise needed to provide you with the rich, informative content that will allow your website to stand out among all of your competitors’ sites. You wouldn’t let your body become nutrient-deficient by eating nothing but junk food, so don’t let your online presence become weak by not supplying it with the quality content it needs to survive in the ever-changing online world. Call and speak with a plumbing and HVAC internet marketing specialist today!

Emily Morosi