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The Results

Organic Lead Increased


Organic Lead Increased
Organic Session Increased


Organic Session Increased
Organic New User Increased


Organic New User Increased

Project Overview

All American Plumbing, Heating, and Air provides a comprehensive range of plumbing and HVAC services in two locations in California. They were unhappy with their previous SEO agency for a number of reasons. Their previous agency was not maintaining the site as requested, and were not able to get the keyword rankings desired. Lastly, their previous agency had built their website on a proprietary platform, so if they switched agencies, they would be left without a website.

We were able to rebuild their website for free, improve the site performance and improve their rankings in a matter of months. All American continues to use our digital marketing services and has also added PPC, social media, email blasts, and targeted direct mail.


  • Moved Website from a proprietary platform to WordPress (Recovered from hostage situation)
  • Lack of Local SEO Optimization
  • Lack of Proper Onpage Optimization
  • One of 2 locations was neglected and had very low visibility
  • No Proper Content Marketing strategy was in place


  1. Website Hostage Situation: The previous SEO agency built the site on a custom built proprietary system and they would not provide website access. All that was provided was a static backup of the site that was virtually impossible to operate. This is unfortunately a growing practice among bigger digital marketing companies that help decrease their operating costs, but leaves the customer without a website as an asset or the freedom to switch marketing agencies easily. To solve this problem, we rebuild these sites, with the same design, on WordPress.
  2. Lack of Local SEO Optimization: During our audit, we noticed that Local Search elements were not properly optimized. For example, we saw both location’s GMB service areas were actively overlapping one another, the category was wrong, and inaccurate business information was distributed in the local ecosystem. The first thing we did after onboarding was fixing these mistakes.
  3. Lack of Proper Onpage SEO Optimization: On the site, basic onpage elements were not optimized. In addition to other errors, we found that images were missing their Alt tags, while Title and H1 tags were missing a targeted GEO and brief version of the local business schema. By immediately fixing these issues, we were able to provide a jumpstart to this business that was appreciated by the client.
  4. SEO was neglected for one of the two locations: The previous agency neglected one location’s SEO. Since day one, we have taken that location into consideration and we have optimized it, resulting in ranking for 25+ keywords in the local pack and adding a great amount of leads every month to client business. 
  5. No Proper Content Marketing Strategy Was in Place: We believe in content marketing and its ability to aid in earning real backlinks. We carefully prepare content calendars by analyzing other websites, trends and recent events. In the long run, strategic content on the site not only brings a ton of organic traffic, but also earns valuable backlinks. Content not only drives organic traffic, it increases brand awareness and healthy backlinks that help the site to rank in organic search overtime.

Emily Morosi