Emergency Plumbing & Solar PPC Case Study

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The Result

Organic Lead Increased


Increase in conversions
Organic New User Increased


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Organic Session Increased


Increase in Impressions

Project Overview

EPS Hawaii provides top notch plumbing services on the Island of Oahu and the Island of Hawaii. Their first location was Oahu, but later expanded to the island of Hawaii. We have been providing Digital Marketing for this company for over 6 years, and EPS Hawaii has come to trust us to overcome the digital marketing challenges in their market and industry. 

The main digital marketing challenges faced by this client had to do with reaching quality traffic. They were getting calls, but these calls were often for other businesses or were not converting. Our team worked with them to implement various Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies to improve their strategy and increase conversions by addressing content, copy, bid and budget strategies. We also used AB testing to ensure we had a comprehensive approach that would improve campaign performance and increase sales.


  • Keywords – Being a home service company, there are many search terms that customers use to try and find the services they offer. However, there are certain variations of the keywords that result in low-quality engagement and ultimately just a cost without conversion. Our challenge was to use the data to identify these low-quality keywords and address them appropriately. 
  • Niche Focus – Depending on the budget, competition, and the company’s unique strengths, it can be difficult to identify which services to focus on that will result in a quality conversion and healthy profit. In these situations, many try to spread the budget across a variety of keywords hoping something will stick out. While they may receive some return on investment, they most likely will still suffer from poor exposure and low-quality traffic in comparison to the budget spent. A better solution needed to be found.


  • In order to land more quality leads, we focused on utilizing search terms that were relevant and used by customers who converted. In addition, our team performs keyword mining to weed out terms that are increasing cost without a conversion. An example would be competitor terms or terms containing “reviews” and “how much.”
  • Our team approaches each account differently, tailored specifically to the budgets, and the company’s specialization. We allocate budgets based on the campaigns (services) that are converting and most sought after by customers. We also get input from the client and strategize based on their sales history. If a particular service is doing well, and the client is limited on budget, our team shifts focus to that campaign and re-adjust budgets.

Emily Morosi