DeZiel HVAC PPC Case Study

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From the Client


Dana DeZiel


“I am writing to recommend Contractor 20/20 as a Marketing company to provide online marketing and website development. Their knowledge in these areas has greatly benefited our business with gaining internet visibility – which is very valuable in today’s market. Not only have they increased our online presence, they are incredibly responsive with my questions and whatever website changes or email blasts I want to do.” — Dana DeZiel, Owner

Project Overview

DeZiel Heating and AC provide excellent heating and air conditioning services in Buffalo, Minnesota. We have been doing Digital Marketing for this company for more than 5 years. DeZiel trusts us to overcome digital marketing challenges and improve continuously.  

Although the client is offering top-tier services, they were having trouble reaching the right (quality) traffic, often getting mixed up with the competitors. Our team worked with them and implemented various SEM strategies to improve their account and increase conversions. Our team worked on content, copy, bid, and budget strategies, along with AB testing to ensure we cover all ends to improve the performance of the account and increase their sales.


Content Focus – As DeZiel is a multiple service and multi-season company, it is difficult to pick which service to highlight with advertising. Although it is easy to just focus on relevant services during a particular season, we have chosen a different strategy that is less limiting.

For example, during the summer months most of the companies in DeZiel’s market will focus on AC services. This presents an opportunity to target proactive customers looking for heating services. Our challenge was to figure out a strategy that allocated the right amount of budget and attention to the seasonal campaign while not completely ignoring the other services.


Our team constructed a strategy to focus on key services during a particular period and then allocated some budget to some general terms. For example, during summer months, we allocated 70% of the budget to various AC services, while the remaining 30% of the budget was dedicated to general terms such as heating and branded.

This ensured that people looking to get ahead of the season (and looking for promotional/low cost services) were still exposed to DeZiel’s other services. As for the seasonal service, we update and change strategy based on the particular month and need. For example, at the beginning of summer, most customers are looking for tune-ups and repairs and once summer starts more new customers are looking into installing a new AC.

Emily Morosi