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Project Overview

This Ohio client approached us and was interested in our personality targeted direct mail program. We analyzed the client’s existing customer list and discovered the personalities that were most likely to buy from them. We then found lists of potential customers in their market with those personalities, and designed art that would appeal to those personalities and demographics.


  • Attracting the right customers
  • ROI
  • Direct mail costs


  1. Targeted Direct Mail: In the past, direct mail targeting had been limited to certain demographics (age, price of home, age of home, zip code, ect.). That is no longer the case. We can now target our mailings based on potential customer’s personality and lifestyle. For example, we discovered that this particular client naturally attracted retirees with grandchildren, comfortable lifestyles, and hobbies like gardening and fishing. We were also able to discover which restaurants they frequented and which big brands they were most attracted to. We researched those brands and adopted similar strategies like font styles and messaging. The end result was direct mail art tailored to that specific personality. We repeated the process for additional pieces of art and personalities. The next step in our process involved testing art against each personality. Once we found the best art for each personality, we would then narrow down the personalities based on the highest performers. In this way, we were able to improve our targeting from start to finish. 
  2. ROI: The chart below demonstrates how the effectiveness of the cards improves overtime as we narrow down the art and personalities. The results continued to come in five months after the last mail drop. In total, the client spent $21,142 on mailings, and received a ROI of $307,266 and counting. This is 14.5x what the clients spent. This chart also tells us that, in the end, they had a new customer cost under 7%. These are the results collected over the span of one year.
  3. Direct Mail Costs: Many clients can be intimidated by direct mail costs. However, with the right targeting and the right art, it is clear to see that direct mail pays for itself. The customer only invested in direct mail 5 months out of the year. Additionally, as can be seen in the chart below, the client saw a return on that invested every month–even on months when they did not mail. Each month that the client did invest, the mailing paid for itself that same month. However, the real returns are seen overtime as the mailings continue to bring in business without additional investment.

Direct Mail Data 1

Emily Morosi