Robert B. Payne, Inc. SEO Case Study

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The Results

Organic Lead Increased


Organic Lead Increased
Organic Session Increased


Organic Session Increased
Organic New User Increased


Organic New User Increased

From the Client


Bob Thompson


“Contractor 2020  is responsive and laser focused to deliver proven results for their customers.” — Bob Thompson, Owner

Project Overview

Robert B. Payne, Inc. is one of the oldest HVAC companies in Virginia providing all kinds of HVAC services. Robert B. Payne, Inc. trusts us with their SEO, Social Media, Email, and Direct Mail marketing. Because of the proximity of D.C., larger radio and television are poor choices of advertising channels and are cost prohibitive. This means they need to dominate any form of marketing that can be highly targeted such as digital and direct mail. They also need to lean into social media, YouTube, local radio, and OTT opportunities, to build brand awareness and increase name recognition.

With many new competitors entering the market, employee recruitment and customer retention need to be continually addressed, in addition to attracting new customers. Robert B Payne, Inc. has been a Contractor 20/20 client for over 10 years.


  • Spam from Competition
  • Changing Content Standards
  • Busy Website Homepage
  • Lack of Proper Content Marketing
  • Lack of Natural Backlink
  • Tough Competition in Local Market
  • Marketing New Service Lines
  • Lack of Proper On Page Optimization
  • Struggling to attract leads from surrounding cities


  1. Spam from Competition: Google is smart, but there’s always spam listings that pop up. By the time Google takes them down, the legitimate business has already lost customers. In Robert B. Payne, Inc.’s case, competitors created fake GMB listings that occupied the local pack for various search terms. Thanks to our ongoing SEO efforts, we quickly detect them and report them to Google to be taken down. We make sure spam listings do not override our rankings in the local pack. 
  2. Changing Content Standards: SEO is an ever changing field and its standards change day by day. Search Engines update their algorithms to show better results to their users. We continually analyze and update the website’s content to make sure the search engines have high quality content to show to potential customers in search results. 
  3. Homepage Redesign: We take conversion rate seriously. When we determine that the existing design of the homepage can be improved for better conversion rate–we take action. We have completely redesigned the homepage (multiple times) to focus on user experience and better content placement, which improves both conversions and SEO. 
  4. Content Marketing & Natural Backlink: We believe in content marketing and its ability to aid in earning real backlinks. We carefully prepare content calendars by analyzing other websites, trends and recent events. In the long run, strategic content on the site not only brings a ton of organic traffic, but also earns valuable backlinks from sources like SFGATE. Content not only drives organic traffic, it increases brand awareness and healthy backlinks that help the site to rank in organic search overtime. 
  5. Tough Competition in the Local Market: The city where this business is located has many HVAC companies who are all aggressively optimizing for the same positions on
    Google. We monitor, strategize and optimize continually to be sure Robert B. Payne, Inc. stays ahead of the competition. For example, he is currently ranking 76 keywords in the top 3 of Google. 
  6. Marketing A New Service Line: Robert B. Payne, Inc. added water heaters as a new service line. Google places water heater service under the plumbing category. Because Robert B. Payne, Inc. historically has been identified under the HVAC category, it can be difficult to rank for water heaters. We have overcome these issues, and currently Robert B. Payne, Inc. ranks in the top 3 for several water heater terms.
  7. Struggling to attract leads from surrounding cities: City pages used to be a welcomed digital strategy by Google, but overtime they changed course. To adjust, we have overhauled the content, and even though they do not rank in the local pack, they still have good organic visibility. With this strategy, Robert B. Payne, Inc. is receiving healthy organic traffic from those additional cities.