A Contactor’s 9 Best Friends

Marketing Techniques & Solutions to Help your Company Excel

At Contrac tor 20/20we pride ourselves in our superior services to our valued clients for over 35 years. Our aim is to help business leaders achieve their marketing goals and each and every day we increase our success rate through our use of proven marketing tactics and our experience in the industry. Our innovative business minds are continuously looking for and testing the next best idea; you can count on us to bring you those great ideas and put them to work for you with more enthusiasm, talent and dedication to your success than anyone else.

Why use Contractor 20/20?

At Contractor 20/20, we offer a variety of marketing options that will help you create a well rounded marketing program for your business. There are no old or new ideas, only good ideas and bad ideas. By discovering and associating ourselves with like-minded organizations, business leaders and talented visionaries, we are able to provide the best possible services for our valued clients and successfully help their businesses grow.

Below are 9 methods that we use to help our clients reach their marketing goals:

1) Pricing and Profitability Systems: There is no point to promoting a product if it is not priced right and branded to last.

2) Customer Retention Systems: These include Direct Mail Reminders, Handwritten Thank You Notes, Holiday Cards, Newsletters, Email Newsletters, Stickers, Magnets, Kitchen Window Thermometers, Jar Openers, Chip Clips, Pizza Cutters, Switch Plate Covers, Radio and TV Advertising, Message On Hold, Jingles, and Internet Domination.

It’s cheaper to keep the customers you have, than buy new ones.

3) Best Practice Systems: These include Sales Training DVDs, CDs, Sales Training Partners and Efficiency Consultant Partners, because lower overhead & higher average tickets = higher efficiency = higher profits at lower mark ups = higher customer retention = a stronger brand = larger market shares at higher profits = a sustainable business.

You make more profits working smarter than working harder.

4) New Customer Acquisition: This includes narrowly targeted personality based Direct Mail, Handwritten Radius Neighbor and New Mover Postcards, Job Signs, Goodie Bag Door Hangers and Professional TV and Radio Production & Placement.

Experience, track record, accountability and proven results mater when choosing your advertising and marketing advisors.

5) Internet Domination: Through strategic, cost-effective Online Marketing techniques such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, local search SEO (including Google+ Local and Google+), off-site optimization (press releases, link building) and on-site optimization (website development, internal linking, blogging) all working to achieve top rankings and page listings. The utilization of call tracking and recording, together with Google analytics, measure and maximizes return on investment. Also, make sure that all marketing expenses, including internet domination, is built into your pricing.

Having your customers pay for your growth is the SMART way to keep overhead under control and maximize profits.

 6) Brand Building: Logos, Slogans, Mission Statements communicated through Radio, TV, Message on Hold, and Musical Jingles.

Improving your brand value attracts better and more profitable customers.

 7) In Field Sales Tools: These include Invoices that help your staff Upsell Financing Tools and Point of Purchase Customer Brand Building Cards that keep negative online reports to a minimum.

Having the right sales tools in the field puts more cash in the bank.

 8) Contractors United for Good.org: This is part of reputation management that stops bad online comments before they happen. It employs both point of purchase cards and online tools. It is a great way to get a quality online SEO citation to build Ranking, but most importantly, it is also a way to focus your company on service excellence and community service through committing to the Contractors United Members’ Pledge:

 “To the best of my abilities, I will humbly endeavor to be


in my company, my trade and in my community.”

This is partly accomplished through your establishing and committing to your customer bill of rights, as well as employee professional advancement and management standards. Unlike others, our Membership Standards are fair to consumers and contractors alike. They are low cost and contractor friendly. Only $15 per month.

When we see our work in the right context, we become part of something that brings greater meaning and sense of accomplishment to all we do.

9) The Service Angel Award Journal.org: This is an online third party endorsement that is affordable and fair. It is a place to show your letters of recommendations, audio recordings and videos from happy customers. It is a place to show your certifications and organization memberships, and yes, another quality online SEO citation to build your organic ranking, with optional local optimization, online blog press releases and YouTube video press releases to build your brand value. It is a place where you control the content and are not subject to arbitrary rules and comments from vengeful unreasonable people.

It is fair to Consumers and Contractors alike, as membership is limited to Contractors United Members in Good Standing. It is also low cost and contractor friendly at only $35 per month.


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With our knowledge, experience and expertise in the marketing industry, we guarantee that you will be positively affected by our marketing techniques and our dedication to your company’s success. We put forth all of our effort and energy into “making your marketing one less thing for you to worry about… with a 20/20 vision for your success.”

Don’t wait for success, go out and get it.

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Emily Morosi