A Public Face: Fostering a Social Media Presence for Your Business

If you take a moment to explore the local businesses in your region, you’ll note how many of their websites include links to various social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all become useful sales and marketing platforms for locally-owned businesses throughout the country. In today’s technological world, it’s important to have a social media presence. Building one, however, takes time, dedication, and hard-work.

Choose the Right Platform

Despite the growing number of social media platforms, a small business doesn’t need to use all of them at once. Instead, selecting one or two platforms can be a viable option for growth. You can never go wrong with Facebook and Twitter, which both offer a more personal form of interaction between the business and its customers – both potential and current.

First, it’s important to determine which platforms your clients and possible leads use most often, then build a presence there. For the most part, a social media presence is designed to increase the reach and visibility of your business, not just to make sales. In fact, you may make very few sales as a direct result of social media. But your customers will have new options to interact with you.

Set Goals

Before beginning a social media strategy, it’s important to set realistic and reasonable goals. Most companies use social media platforms to:

  • Increase referral traffic
  • Drive new leads
  • Increase credibility
  • Demonstrate an identity and culture
  • Increase feedback potential
  • Improve customer interaction

Depending on your goals, you may aim for one or all the above. Whatever the case, you cannot go wrong with social media these days.

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Emily Morosi