Contractor 20/20 Boosts Business with Use of Consumer Surveys

How We Minimize Market Conversion to Maximize Consumer Use and Awareness

At Contractor 20/20, we specialize in the promotion and business development needs of over 200 high profit, independent plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors in 40 states. One particular technique that we use is Consumer Surveys which measure your company’s exposure; they measure how well you are known and received by consumers.

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We have done over 500 consumer surveys in 16 years. They are used to determine many important factors that can help you evaluate your company’s performance and reputation in the service industry. Valuable information acquired from a survey includes the following:

  • How well you are known in your service area
  • Amount of repeated customers
  • Your biggest competitors
  • How often your competitors are being used
  • What do people think about your pricing, service & quality of work
  • And many more key points…

When we compare awareness to use, we have only seen a market conversion rate over 18% three times in 500 surveys. The lower the market conversion rate, the more people are responding and the more business you are getting. Those three times have been in small markets with less than a 200,000 person population in a 20 mile radius. That means that NO new competitor can take more than 18% of the pie.

Your competition is not the low baller; your competition is you! This is a function of:

  1. The value and trust you bring to the market
  2. Your reputation
  3. Your brand awareness
  4. The power of your presentation and sales skills

Fear not. Don’t worry about low ballers… Trust in Contractor 20/20 and our use of consumer surveys and low market conversion rates to evaluate and improve business for your company. We also specialize in TV/Radio Advertising, Direct Mail Marketing, Newsletter Marketing, Message On Hold Marketing, Holiday Card Marketing, and Internet Marketing. If you have any questions about services we offer, feel free to Contact Us today. We’d be happy to discuss our successful marketing strategies and look forward to helping you boost your company’s presence in the industry.

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Emily Morosi