Contractor 20/20 Message on Holds Increase Customer Phone Retention by at Least 40%

Today most people are calling your company using a cell phone. Unfortunately, that means that often times when they are put on hold they don’t hear the buzzing and beeps that let them know they are still on hold. Feeling abandoned or confused these customers hang up the phone and either call again in irritation or go to the next link on Google. You paid a bunch of money to generate that call, so it would be a shame to lose it. That is why we advise all of our clients to use a Message on Hold  –commonly referred to as a MOH. We believe this is a pivotal part of plumbing marketing and HVAC marketing.

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your plumbing marketing and HVAC marketing plan.

Studies have proven that having a Message on Hold can increase your retention of customers on hold by 40% because customers are willing to stay on hold for 3 minutes longer. Just having music only increases their willingness to hold by a mere 30 seconds. In addition, what is great about an MOH is that you can list and highlight your menu of  your services. Your current customers will learn about all that you offer and your new potential business will have a great introduction to your company. And for a minimal fee you can update your MOH to highlight special deals your are offering, adapt your MOH to the current season, or promote one area of your business over another to generate more interest. Message on Holds are also a great branding tool because they can be used to reiterate your slogan, website, company values, and increase name and if you  have a jingle- jingle awareness.

Contractor 2020 stands out in the MOH marketplace because we personalize your MOH with voice recorded testimonials from your actual customers. Using testimonials generates credibility and helps persuade customers of your professionalism, experience, trustworthiness, and quality. For virtually the same price our Message on Hold’s not only retain calls but also promote your business with the strongest tool in the tool box– word of mouth. We also offer a standard MOH without testimonials for a competitive price.

Bottom line, Contractor 2020 is dedicated to perfecting your company’s sales experience from start to finish. From generating the call, to keeping and handling the call, to making sure your technicians have the right training and tools to close the call, Contractor 2020 is here to help you serve your communities with excellence.

Emily Morosi