Get Great Advertising Results

Contractor 20/20 Can Help You Get Great Advertising Results as easy as
1 – 2 – 3

Contractor 20/20 offers 3 simple guidelines to follow that will produce great advertising results for your business.

1. Gives a strong emotional reason that the customer would want to have a new bathroom or kitchen.

2. Water that message with facts and logical reasons as to why your company and your brand or product is better.

3. Harvest sales by giving the consumer a good reason to buy now.  Send the right message, to the right buyer, the right number of times, with a target big enough to make a difference and an advertising cost low enough to make a big profit.

Call Mike at Contractor 20/20 and have him get you started on a profitable marketing and advertising program that will generate new leads and more business than you’ve been getting.

Emily Morosi