Google Ad Updates That Impact Plumbing Company Marketers

The Contractor 20/20 team prides itself on staying up-to- date in trends and changes to internet marketing. Google’s recent updates impact plumbing company marketers, and we want to make sure you know how this affects you.

Ads Now Appear in Local Finder Results

In addition to the local three-pack that ordinarily appears in the Local Finder results on Google, relevant ads now appear in the search results as well. This provides plumbing companies another way of appearing in the top search results.

Google Maps is No Longer a Search Partner

Google is making changes to how ads will display in Google Maps. Soon, they will only show ads that include location extensions in Maps and regular text ads will not appear. The other big change is that Google Maps is no longer considered part of Search Partners. Google Maps is no longer on the list of Google sites included in Search Partners in the AdWords help pages. Here’s what this means for plumbing company marketers.

  1. Plumbing companies that use location extensions but opted out of Search Partners will now be able to have their ads shown in Maps and should see an increase in activity as their ads start showing there.
  2. Plumbing companies that don’t use location extensions but opted into Search Partners could see a decrease in activity as their ads will no longer showing in Maps.

What This Means For You

Including Maps as part of Google search results means that more advertisers will be featured. As Google makes changes to be consistent with their internal structure and priorities, it’s important the plumbing companies understand these changes and be ready to adapt if necessary. For more information on how these changes to Google would impact your plumbing company, call Contractor 20/20 today. Call us at (607) 770-8933.

Emily Morosi