How is SEO Different for Contractors?

If you are a contractor looking to boost your business’ performance and bring in new customers, you need to consider improving your online presence and ranking in popular search engines. That’s because SEO (search engine optimization) attempts to get your website to rank above your competitors.

Having a strong search engine ranking is one of the most important ways to attract and keep new customers. Let’s look at how SEO is different for contractors.

Why is SEO Different for Contractors?

Local contractors can have a more difficult time than most when it comes to online marketing. They are typically the sole proprietors of small, family-owned businesses. As a result, contractors tend to be cost-conscious, which means many contractors don’t hire a marketing team or invest in much of an online marketing presence.

This means that local contractors are increasingly reliant upon both word-of-mouth client referrals and search engine referrals in order to increase their business. Word-of-mouth can grow organically as happy customers refer the contractor to their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, but search engine rankings require intentional and consistent attention to properly draw in customers.

How Can Contractors Compete?

The best way a contractor can compete in the SEO game is to have a well put together online marketing plan and website with elements in place that potential customers often search for. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Really. Contractor 20/20 works as your online marketing agent.  We continually strive to get you the best results for your money to make sure you get the leads you need and the ROI you deserve.

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Emily Morosi