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There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues, So Thank Your Air Conditioning Guy or Gal

In 1958, Eddie Cochran recorded the song “Summertime Blues.” In it, he told the story of a young man who lamented the fact he had to take a summer job. It meant he would miss the joys of summer. Anyone can relate because summer is a time of fun, vacations, cookouts and fireworks. Nobody wants to work during the summer, right? Of course, if the boy from the song was real, he would soon realize the world doesn’t come to a stop in summer. Who wouldn’t like to take 2 or 3 months off? Unfortunately, most people have to work for a living. Some actually work more during the summer than the rest of the year. The hardest working people in the summer repair and install central air conditioning. They enable the rest of us to enjoy the summer whether we’re working or not.

Workers in the air conditioning industry barely have time to take a drink of water in the summer, let alone spend a week at the beach. You may not care much about them 364 days of the year, but on the day your air conditioner breaks, you’ll be thinking of your a/c guy as your best friend!

People rely on their central air conditioning systems to make summers tolerable. No matter how hot it gets outside, central air conditioning is there to level the playing field in the battle with Mother Nature.

Just as a bridge enables humans to cross a wide expanse of water, and vaccines and medicines ward off natural diseases, air conditioning scores a knock out in its never-ending fight with the sun. Once again, technology triumphs over nature! That is, until the air conditioning system breaks down. Uggh. Mother Nature can be cruel in her revenge. Temperatures inside an un-air conditioned home rise rapidly. The daytime sun wreaks havoc on the now vulnerable habitat, and not even the darkness of night can relieve the oppressive heat. Frustrated and frazzled homeowners reach for their lifeline – their local air conditioning service company. That’s where our protagonists come in.

Air conditioning service and installation technicians are a special breed. Their workday life is the exact opposite of an office worker; at least from a comfort standpoint.

Think about it. Techs spend their time working in homes and businesses that are hot and miserable. When they complete their job, those homes and businesses start cooling off and getting comfortable again. So what does the technician do then? He leaves and heads for another hot and miserable job. There’s no respite in the winter either. He works in the cold, and makes it warm. Once things are comfortable, he leaves for the next cold building.

While the average office worker shudders at the thought of spending an hour outside during the hottest or coldest days, the AC tech lives in the extremes. His calling is not to be comfortable, but to provide comfort.

Workers in the air conditioning industry spend endless hours training on an ever increasing assortment of high-tech equipment. They invest thousands of dollars in tools that may be replaced on a regular basis. And they often work from dusk til dawn (and beyond) when the temperature soars in the summertime, or plunges in the winter. While progressive air conditioning companies like ours try to even out our workload throughout the year by performing preventive maintenance during our off-season, there is always a summer rush that tests the physical limits of our crews. If anyone should have the “Summertime Blues” it’s the technicians who are dedicated to keeping families like yours comfortable and safe. Day or night. All year long.

When you need emergency air conditioning service, call us. Our technician will show up with a smile on his face, regardless of where he’s been, or how many calls he still needs to run. But don’t feel sorry for him. He loves his job. And though he won’t be spending his summer at the beach, he probably won’t turn down a cold glass of water.