A Low-Cost Plumbing or HVAC Website Combined with a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign is a Budget-Friendly Step into Internet Marketing

The number of plumbing and HVAC internet marketing techniques available to you can be overwhelming…especially when you know your business just doesn’t have the budget for them. Of course you want to connect with your customers via social media; of course you want to advertise via email and online radio; of course you want a highly-optimized website and blog. But the truth is, you’re running a business and the money you have set aside for marketing may not cover ALL of these things. So what do you do? Forget about internet marketing all together? That’s about the worst thing you can do. Imagine the growth and success that you could miss out on! At Contractor 20/20, we’ve designed a special program for businesses that are looking to take a small step into internet marketing. We want to prove to you that even a small initial investment can drive serious results.

There are just two components to the program: a temporary low-cost plumbing or HVAC website and a pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contractor 20/20 will build you your very own website that can be viewed on any device. We’ll write the content and create special offers.
  • Then we’ll design a pay-per-click campaign for your business that directly targets the people in your area who are searching for the services you offer. The strategically placed ads will drive customers to your website.
  • Next for a small monthly management fee, Contractor 20/20 will continuously optimize your pay-per-click marketing campaign to ensure a maximized return on your investment.
  • You don’t have to monitor a thing. We’ll report back to you with the progress each month. We also offer a call-tracking service which provides the exact number of phone calls to your business generated by your pay-per-click ads. This way you’ll know that your ads are working.
  • The pay-per-click campaign will help you to keep existing customers, get new customers, and increase net profits.
  • There aren’t any long-term contracts, and you won’t have to stretch your marketing budget beyond what you can afford.

At Contractor 20/20, we’ve seen a lot of success with this program. Combining a low-cost, temporary website with a pay-per-click advertising campaign gives businesses a great internet marketing option that they can begin with minimal investment. In order to reach your goals, you have to start somewhere; you have to take a first step. After seeing the positive results of this first step, our marketing specialists can build you a long-term HVAC or plumbing website that can be the backbone for other internet marketing techniques you decide to take advantage of such as social media, blogging, email marketing, and local search campaigns.  At Contractor 20/20, we’re dedicated to our clients’ success—if you’re ready to take the first step into internet marketing, give us a call today!

Emily Morosi