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28 Tactics


  1. Mail 1/3 base each month … to keep the 22% of coupon addicts from being lured away and increase retention 10%, and get $8 to $16 in sales per dollar invested
  2. Outside the kitchen window therms
  3. Equipment stickers
  4. Newsletters
  5. Call HVAC customers with no service done in last 13 months
  6. Yard sign
  7. Bid on own name in ad words
  8. Proven white pages ads
  9. Proven small yellow page ads


  1. Internet marketing that gets $4 to $11 in new customers and $8 to $22 in repeated custom­ers for every dollar invested
  2. Direct mail to new customers based upon credit company personality mosaic data
  3. Direct mail to neighbors
  4. Go for the gold pricing with yard sign discounts as a safety net…
  5. ROI review of current internet marketing using Dynamic phone tracks of call sources and search words and search engines used to reduce internet new customer cost to $25 to $125
  6. Radio and TV to reduce new customer cost by 35% through improved top of mind positive awareness
  7. Internet radio … generate website visits from under $2 new customers from even $9 to $27
  8. Yard signs to attract sales
  9. Billboards
  10. Church directories
  11. Community promotions
  12. News paper
  13. Yellow page stickers
  14. Movie theater ads
  15. Hero branding… that build a wall of protection around your brand, stop bad reviews BEFORE the happen
  16. Geo fencing … your ad on the cell phones of people with smart phone that visit your competitor’s show rooms

17   Web invasion … plant web ads on customers and prospects web browsing … time without a visit to your site … just their name and address to work with.

Power Pricing for PROFIT – 2 Great New Services

1) Employee recruitment and training systems plus

2) Light telemarketing to rescue inactive 13 to 16 month customers from the 18 month federal do not call rules.

Federal penalties under the Do Not Call prohibitions are $16,000 per violation. The TCPA levies fines of $500. Per violation, and $15,000 per violation showing intent.” FOR CUSTOMER RETENTION