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Key Topic #2: Proof that you can go from 5% Net Profit to 22% Profit in 90 Days

key2JOB ONE…. How to safely increase from 5% to 22% net profit in 120 days with no harm to your brand

PROOF? Power pricing, can get you to 22% net profits in 90 days just like All American did 

Click Lamont Goldstein’s TESTIMONIAL link  and read the facts for yourself   

To protect yourself, your employees and your customers from the economy ….Let me explain how this chart is your roadmap to 20%+ net profit

Call and I will explain this chart when we chat …. It is the result of over 500 studies of top notch contractors

85%________________ 80%______________           75%___________________   25%__________

10%________________ 15%_________________      35%___________________ 75%__________

    5%_________________10%________________        20%____________________ 5%___________

LIMIT YOUR RISK AND STRESS …as each tactic pays for itself………… that’s when you do the next tactic as needed to reach your goals 

The real deal ….

1)      Goal ….get net profit over 20% to protect you , your staff , your customers from the economy

2)      Get 95% of your customers to remember you

3)      Fire the 10% if customers that kill your profits

4)      Experiment with small price increase on service where the closing rate is over 85% for repeat customer ….  

5)      85% cust retention with 5% net profit or 75% cust retention with 20% net profit …. You choose

6)      Keep the bottom feeders on slow days using Yard sings in exchange for the discount

7)      Replace the worst 10% of customers with great customers

8)      Hire all the techs you need with our system

9)      Testimonial radio and proven tv frequency of spots seen (10,000 seeing your spot six times is better than 60,000 seeing it just once) to reduce customer cost by 35%. Improved positive top of mind awareness.

10)   We & our partners can also help with operation problems: More techs higher average tickets, Higher CSR closing rates. Light telemarketing to To save HVAC customers falling off the 18 month cliff And more

Simply put … greater success starts with one call …. You set the pace … so you are always comfortable and in charge.