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Key Topic #3: Learn how to build the foundational actions and get started on the journey to personal and financial success

key3These 3 tactics alone, out of the 30 available, can get you to 20% net profit.

OK …. Ready for a low cost test?

Please approve these 3 Services as a firm foundation to get started, we propose:

Ok  LET’S GET TO WORK… THE PLAN: Lets agree to the foundation then discus the rest later


1. Send postcards and letters proven to retain prior customers and increase sales often 10% or more:

Most contractors who do not mail their base have only 80% of their MOST RECENT customers that remember them.

What can cards proven by $34 million in testing that cost from 45 Cents ea. including postage printing & Addressing do?

Just by mailing your base anything (even a recipe) you can increase sales even 10%

Plus normally $8 to $16 in sales per each $1 invested

Plus save $77 in replacement cost for every customer you will not need to replace because they forgot you. Some of your best customers are addicted to coupons. If you don’t provide them, someone else will.

The (Close to a Miracle) Handwritten Thank You Note Postcard

A client told us about this 15 years ago. Then he asked us to take over the program, because his staff always had something “better” to do. For some reason when we mail Handwritten thank you notes to your last 3 months customers: at 99 cents each we normally count.

$20 to $50 in sales for every $1 invested

Start Up for $150.


2. Consumer Study for POWER PRICING

How much can you increase sales by improving communication with your customer base?

How much can you increase prices without doing harm to your brand?


A) Who would you call for plumbing problems (or the other problems you solve)?

B) Do you remember that xyz contractors did work for you?

C) Would you use them again?

D) How would you rate their service?

E) How would you rate their quality?

To accomplish this study we must call up to 500 recent prior customers to complete the 50 person survey. We send you all completed surveys along with analysis and comparisons to the industries best performers and rec­ommendations for action in a bound book.  Check out this link…

Study cost $ $225 to $425


3.This Precision 65 PERSONALITY BASED targeted DIRECT MAIL study lets you narrow down marketing to JUST the 10% BEST of prospects

Improves results 327% compared to traditional demographic targeting … for a fact …we did the side by side testing to improve results.

After the great recession hit our results dropped over 66% for new customers, to survive we had to figure out how. After hard work and much prayer we were lead to and ultimately tested the method that the top insurance companies, the top banks and the Fortune top 50 companies were using in 128 counties .We were able to work out a group rate for both targeting studies and list cost due to our sales volume and favor from on high.

The right target, the right art, the right targeting can cut new customer cost over 66% for extra results

We have to match the personality of your company to the consumer’s personality

So to hit the right target customers, we use the same data used to determine credit scores. Plus use national data bases to profile your most likely new customers based on your current profiles Check out this link…

Study cost $150


Let’s get started with this smart foundation

To get started … Two payment options get a 10% discount for onetime payment of $652 OR relax with $ 181 per month for 4 months