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What is a Win?

Learning from and listening to the team of over 250 contractors , and their satisfaction is the key to our success  and yours also !.


To provide financial stability and Prosperity

Help is here: Your team at Contractor 20/20 & over 250 contractors with over 20 million in testing over the last 20 years enables you to benefit from the results of others hard work and investments …. Knowing what has worked with does not work ,how fast it  worked and how certain are future results … is a game changer.

One on One ….Contractor 20/20  can put you in touch with a fellow owner who has already overcome the mountain  you’re trying to climb. Issues like  marketing management ,family ,coworker and vendor relations.

To Maximize stable profit, fix training and tracking issues.

Without the cost or hard knocks they went through.

The Bible states “they will reap where they have not sowed“.

Likewise you will benefit from the investment that others have already made, just as others in the future will benefit from yours.

Relax everything you want is kept confidential is confidential  and  kept that way. We never disclose the name of the company without their OK.