Remarketing. Why You Need to Add it to Your Online Marketing Strategy Today

One day, I was on a website looking at a pair of running shoes.  I wasn’t sure if I really needed the shoes, wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money on the shoes, and so I left the website.  The next thing I know, I keep seeing the shoes!  They were advertised in my email account, on my Facebook, and on other websites I visited.  The shoes were taunting me, silently saying, buy me buy me, until eventually I clicked on one of the ads, returned to the website, and bought the $200 running shoes.  I had been remarketed—the shoe website had tracked me to other websites and placed ads for the exact pair of shoes I was interested in right where I couldn’t miss them.  What if I hadn’t been remarketed?  I probably would have forgotten all about the shoes.

Remarketing is an extremely valuable marketing tool for any company trying to unearth new customers via the internet.  The fact is that only a relatively small percentage of visitors to your website actually convert into paying customers.  What happens to the rest of them?  They move on and probably won’t contact you or visit your site again…unless you remarket them.  With Contractor 20/20, you don’t have to let potential customers and sales slip away.  We’ll help you get them back.

Here’s how remarketing works:

  1. A potential customer (let’s call him Bob) visits your website.  Bob leaves your website for any number of reasons.  Maybe Bob is still figuring out if he needs your product or service.  Maybe he is putting off purchasing your product or service.  Maybe he is comparing your company with other similar companies.  Maybe the pizza boy rang Bob’s doorbell and he shut his laptop.  The reason doesn’t matter.  The point is that Bob sought out your website on purpose and is more likely to be interested in your product or service than other people trolling the internet.Lucky for you, you’ve got a special tracking tag on your website.  Now, when Bob leaves your website, we can find (and remarket) him on other websites.
  2. Next we show Bob advertisements for your company on other websites he visits.  Bob is reminded of your company’s existence, reminded of that product or service he had thought about before.  The temptation for him to revisit your site is right in front of him.
  3. There’s a good chance Bob clicks on your company’s ad.  Now instead of being completely forgotten, you’ve got another chance to convert Bob into a customer!  By getting Bob and many other potential customers back to your website, you increase your sales!

At Contractor 20/20, our goal is to offer all the advertising and internet marketing solutions that will help our clients to grow and be successful, and that is why we’re now offering remarketing campaigns.  Don’t let potential customers slip away into the abyss of the internet; let the internet marketing experts at Contractor 20/20 bring them back!  Call us at:  (607) 770-8933.

Emily Morosi