The Power of Promotional Products

Need a pen? Need a clip to close up that chip bag? You’re not going to find that in the phonebook, but you’ll probably find a pen or a chip clip on your kitchen table. Why did we mention the phonebook then? Well, let’s discuss promotional products in this blog post, and by the end of it, this will all make sense.

What Are Promotional Products?

These are often smaller items that you can have made fairly inexpensively that have your business logo prominently displayed on them. Examples of promotional products are pens, a chip clip, or even a refrigerator magnet. These promotional products are everyday things that your customers have uses for. These items may seem to you like an expense, however small, that is totally unnecessary. That’s far from true.

The Use of These Everyday Items

The fact of the matter is, these items are useful to your customers. That means they’re going to be readily accessible. So, when your client needs a plumber and there’s a pen on her kitchen table with your logo on it, she’s going to call you. She’s not going to drag out the heavy phonebook and look up plumbing services. You’re going to be the business she calls because you’ve made it easy for her to get in touch with you. Also, having your name on these small items throughout the house increases your name recognition with that family. Promotional product advertising is one of the only strategies that pays for itself over and over again. Also, because these products are inexpensive, you are literally paying only cents for each name and phone number exposure.

Now does the phonebook analogy make sense? Contact Contractor 20/20 to help you get started on those promotional products. They’re powerful little allies that your customers will use every day. (607) 770-8933.

Emily Morosi