Why Direct Mail Is a Great Advertising Strategy for Plumbers

With the broad selection of marketing techniques available, it’s often tough to isolate which method works best for your business or industry. For a plumbing company, internet marketing, yellow pages, and online directory advertising are all known to work. However, direct mail is often overlooked. That must change, because direct mail marketing is a great advertising strategy for plumbers!

Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Many companies seek new and innovative approaches to reach customers. However, traditional marketing methods like direct mail campaigns, which were replaced with online advertisements, are indeed worthwhile. Why? It’s about knowing your audience. A plumber works with a homeowner. A homeowner receives mail daily. So why not include an advertisement for your business?

Most direct mail includes special offers. Let’s look at some facts:

  • 22% of buyers like to use coupons. For them, the card is a welcome guest in their homes
  • 10% of these buyers are coupon-addicted, and that’s a good thing! These coupons protect you from competitors luring them away

Hold on, this next fact may really be a surprise:

  • Higher-income buyers are actually the most likely to use coupons. That’s reported by all sources and field experience, too

A client in an affluent Gulf Coast beach community told us he was “shocked to see the owner of a three-million-dollar estate use a $25-off card!”

For the remaining 78%, the coupon acts as a mini-billboard that reminds them who their favorite contractor is.

Direct Mail Can Be Targeted & Customizable

  • Direct Mail Is Targeted. Each campaign is specifically tailored for your audience, from long-time customers to potential new ones. Therefore, customers only receive offers or information that meets their needs or habits.
  • Personalization Is Crucial. Alongside targeting customers with a relevant campaign, direct mail is customizable, and able to include name and personal information of the homeowner. This personalized touch connects with the customer.
  • Formatting Is Versatile. A direct mail campaign may consist of a variety of formats, including postcards, brochures, magazines, and catalogs.

Supportive Marketing

In addition, direct mail is a beautiful marketing technique to support other efforts. The material you mail to clients can help support and build your brand via other media solutions. A cohesive marketing campaign will include traditional methods like direct mail, while also allowing for innovations from new technology, such as social media marketing. The two are not mutually exclusive – or at least they shouldn’t be.

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Emily Morosi