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Part 7 – What is the Good Accomplished by Suffering with Low Profits

Having money is not a sin, loving money is a sin. In the hands of good people money can do great things.


In the hands of good people money can do great things.


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More profits =

More security for owners and employees…

More profits =

Less stress within the family….

More profits =

More charitable giving.

More profits =

A better education for your children or grandchildren…

More profits

Is good for customers also it means you will be in business long enough to honor your warrantees

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The bottom line … we want you to … not merely Survive … but in fact PROSPER during the next recession.

Our programs are designed to get your company to 22+% net profit.

Imag­ine if you save half or even a third of that profit.

This means that for you the next recession or economic downturn becomes a buying opportunity.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of contactors now under 5% net profit will be forced to sell their company at 10 cents on the dollar or even cash in on their home’s equity.

During recession they will not only be losing money but likely shunned by lenders.

Your company will be in a position to consolidate them into your company, buy their customers for $7 each, and hire the former own­ers and their best people possibly all for close to free.

And if a recession never happens again, then you just have more for retirement.


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1)       Our so simple proven system anyone can use to Increase closing rates

2)       Mail the neighbors of your customers our handwritten cards to sell the 5th billed hour of the day at 60 minus 20 = 40% incremental  net profit (overhead already being paid for in the first 4 billed hours of the day )

3)       Hero branding … Service Angel … do a little more than expected     Check out this link…

4)       Dominate radio and TV to reduce new customers cost by 35% …. Customers who have heard great things about your company are less resistant

5)       Brand the home with window thermometers , valve tags and more …  Laura Morosi-Latora will help you in this area   for therm photo click here>

6)       With hours 5 and 6 sold … then at 26% net profit, use the extra 6% to buy companies at 10 cents on the dollar when the next downturn hits or buy new customers one at a time while you wait to buy companies.

7)       Turn your slow day into a “ grow day “  marketing tactics

8)       Look for ways to increase efficiencies in production and add value to the brand

We work with contractors from one truck to over one hundred

You can test our system for just $200….. Get $2000 to $10,000 in sales, then have all the money you need to move forward!

3 Goals …the 22% net Profit Plan … Controllable Growth with high quality control, Protection & building esteem for your Brand,

Timely important services 1) Employee recruitment and training systems for continued growth 2) Light telemarketing to recue inactive 13 to 16 month customers from the 18mo federal do not call rules penalties cliff

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