Emergency Plumbing & Solar SEO Case Study

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The Results

Organic Lead Increased


Organic Lead Increased
Organic Session Increased


Organic Session Increased
Organic New User Increased


Organic New User Increased

Project Overview

Emergency Plumbing and Solar Hawaii provides Top Notch Plumbing services on the Island of Oahu and the Island of Hawaii. They started the business in Oahu, but later expanded to the island of Hawaii. We have been providing digital marketing (and a variety of other advertising services) for this company for over 5 years. EPS Hawaii trusts us to overcome the challenges in their market, and continually upgrade and maintain their website and digital presence. 

Emergency Plumbing and Solar is located in a very competitive and expensive market. They originally hired us to fix and build their website, and manage their SEO. Quickly thereafter, they asked us to manage their PPC, Social Media, and Local Service Ads work. Their main objectives were to increase leads, brand awareness, and to eventually expand their business. During our initial audit of their website and SEO, we found a variety of challenges and issues that we have addressed.


  • Lack of quality content
  • Online Reviews
  • Local Presence 
  • Local Ranking
  • Competitor Spam
  • Lack of GEO Targeted Optimization
  • On-page Optimization errors
  • Difficult website structure


  1. New Website Design and Development: We designed a mobile friendly wordpress website which is easy to maintain and better optimized for user experience. New navigation made the site easy to navigate page to page. Call To Action buttons placed in strategic locations improved Conversion Rate. Also the site now has multi location capability to keep up with their expanding business locations. 
  2. On-page optimization: To start, we completed comprehensive keyword research. We then updated the existing content with the targeted keywords in mind. This included updating the Title and Meta descriptions to reinforce the keyword focus. To improve indexation, navigation and seo juice flow, we completed structured internal linking. We also added an extended version of plumber schema to help Google understand the type of business and type of services this business offers. This is just a few of the things we have done to improve the onpage health of the site.
  3. Reputation Management: Online reviews play a great role in local SEO. This particular business did not have an online reputation strategy and thus was behind competitors. We continually help them to earn highly visible reviews which will increase local search ranking over time.
  4. Local Presence and Competitor Spam: We have made sure that EPS is listed and shows up on highly visible local sources where potential customers have the opportunity to find their contact information. Also, we discovered false listings and spam from competitors on Google, which prevented EPS from ranking in Google’s local pack. Our SEO strategy made sure to stop the competition from spamming Google so that EPS would rank appropriately. 
  5. Content Marketing/Natural Backlinking: We believe in content marketing and its ability to aid in earning real backlinks. We carefully prepare content calendars by analyzing other websites, trends and recent events. In the long run, strategic content on the site not only brings a ton of organic traffic, but also earns valuable backlinks from sources like MSN. Content not only drives organic traffic, it increases brand awareness and healthy backlinks that help the site to rank in organic search overtime.